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Heyshott Bonfire – Event Information

  • Heyshott Bonfire – 64 Years of Bonfire & Fireworks – Saturday 4th November 2017 – 7pm
  • Since 1953 (the Coronation year) for every year, the village of Heyshott has celebrated Guy Fawkes Night with a renowned bonfire and fireworks display.
  • On the day (Saturday 4th November 2017) the road through Heyshott village is closed at 5pm to all traffic except those who have official passes.
  • At 6:30pm (approx), the torches go on sale in Hoyle Lane.
  • At 7pm (approx), the famous torchlight procession commences from Hoyle Lane and meanders through the village to the village green, the site of the bonfire.
  • At 7:30 (approx) the children will be entertained by the Punch and Judy show commencing.
  • At 8pm (approx) there is an outstanding display of fireworks to bring the main celebrations to a close.
  • There is no charge for entry to the Heyshott Bonfire & Fireworks display however there are collection buckets in which to place donations which are used to fund the following years’ festivities.
  • Please give as generously to ensure this event continues for years to come.

    Bonfire Schedule

    (Note: Times Approx)

    • 18:30 Torches on Sale (Hoyle Lane)
      At the Bonfire Location:
      Bar Open at the Unicorn
      Hot dogs & Soup etc on sale

    • 19:00 Procession Commences

    • 19:30 Punch & Judy

    • 20:00 Fireworks

    • 20:30 Raffle Draw

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