Heyshott Bonfire

Marshalling – General Responsibilities

  • Advise, assist or direct any person in need and be aware of key sites E.g. places for ambulance, toilets, bonfire site, firework site, firework dropzone, start for the torches, PA system van, collection points. Poultons house for Marshall meeting.
  • Report any incident or issue which might cause concern to the senior or Chairman.
  • Comply with instructions given by Police officers in uniform or the senior marshal.
  • Act decisively should they witness anything considered dangerous or irresponsible.
  • Present themselves in a courteous and helpful manner to the general public.
  • Senior Marshalls be fully familiar with the operation of the ‘walkie talkies’.


Bonfire Schedule

(Note: Times Approx)

• 18:30 Torches on Sale (Hoyle Lane)
  At the Bonfire Location:
  Bar Open at the Unicorn
  Hot dogs & Soup etc on sale

• 19:00 Procession Commences

• 19:30 Punch & Judy

• 20:00 Fireworks

• 20:30 Raffle Draw

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