Heyshott Bonfire

Marshalling – PA Marshall

  • To be fully familiar with the ‘Heyshott Bonfire Event Map’ which define the key areas of interest.

  • The PA person needs to assist the general public and broadcast relevant announcements regarding areas of interest, timetable of events, lost children etc…

  • Be able to advise the members of the public where the relevant facilities and refreshments are.

  • Be aware of the emergency exit procedure. This in the event of needing vacate the area – Announce the following message: “Ladies and Gentlemen this is a security message. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control this event has to be stopped. Will you please vacate the area using all the available road exits as quickly as possible. Thank you for your co-operation”.


Bonfire Schedule

(Note: Times Approx)

• 18:30 Torches on Sale (Hoyle Lane)
  At the Bonfire Location:
  Bar Open at the Unicorn
  Hot dogs & Soup etc on sale

• 19:00 Procession Commences

• 19:30 Punch & Judy

• 20:00 Fireworks

• 20:30 Raffle Draw

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