Heyshott Bonfire

Marshalling – Procession Marshalling Duties

  • To be fully familiar with the ‘Heyshott Bonfire Event Map’ which define the key areas of interest.
  • Provide a physical identifiable presence for both torch bearers and the general public.
  • Ensure that there are 20 Marshalls with the crowd making sure that the public do not to light their own torches.
  • Ensure that there are three Marshalls between the band and the procession in order that they cannot overtake the band.
  • Do all within their power to ensure that the torch procession flows as easy as possible, whilst considering the safety of the participants and spectators.
  • Lighting marshals only to light torches as the crowd get past a certain point. i.e. outside Hazel Parry’s (this is where the band first commence their march).
  • Report any incident or issue which might cause concern to the senior procession marshal.
  • Act decisively should they witness anything considered dangerous or irresponsible. E.g. warn of the dangers and ultimately remove a torch from any member of the public you deem is acting irresponsibly.
  • Marshalls must ensure that the general public who don’t have torches are kept 3-4 metres back from the safety cordon.
  • Marshalls must ensure that the procession doesn’t simply congregate in one area around the bonfire and they encircle the whole perimeter thus ensuring everyone can launch their torches in a safe manner.


Bonfire Schedule

(Note: Times Approx)

• 18:30 Torches on Sale (Hoyle Lane)
  At the Bonfire Location:
  Bar Open at the Unicorn
  Hot dogs & Soup etc on sale

• 19:00 Procession Commences

• 19:30 Punch & Judy

• 20:00 Fireworks

• 20:30 Raffle Draw

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